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¿Tenés dudas? Mirá nuestras preguntas frecuentes

  • Why give a cloth doll?
    My dolls are a beautiful and unique way to express love for the little ones. But the main function of a doll is to play since they help in the development of symbolic play, encourage creativity and imagination, and are a great stimulus for language and motor skills. Dolls are great companions at bedtime, bringing calm and harmony to the little one to fall asleep. They also function as an object of attachment when children experience situations of change, new experiences, and are important emotional support. Dolls are also a beautiful option to decorate and give warmth to a room since they are dolls that bring positive feelings, they will surely last a short time decorating since they invite you to be hugged and pampered, stealing a smile from you when you see them.
  • Are Pandoritas only for girls?
    Boys, just like girls, need a “companion” to share their joys and sorrows and a doll is an excellent candidate for that. Emotions are not for girls! Giving you tools for the future as a son, as a father, friend, etc. Since it has been shown that playing with dolls activates brain regions related to empathy.
  • Can dolls be for adults?
    Pandorites are for children and adults, in many therapies they are used for older adults with the aim of improving their well-being. And if you're thinking about giving yourself a doll, it's a resounding YES! I assure you you will not regret it, it will be a pamper to your inner child that we often need to reconcile.
  • Why do they only have eyes?
    The Pandorita only has eyes so that the girl or boy can connect with their emotions while playing. If they wish, they will obviously draw the features they imagine on their face. Each doll can be smiling, angry, with a surprised face, etc. depending on the circumstance. When the details are minute, they prevent this plasticity and thus the ability to present children's fantasy, everything will depend on their experiences at the time of playing. The less defined the traits, the more it will allow the child's intervention, seeking to encourage creativity and imagination.
  • What age are they recommended for?
    Although it can be given as a gift to decorate a baby's room, it is recommended for ages 3 and up.
  • Completion time?
    It may vary depending on the time of year, usually 2 to 5 business days. If you need the Pandorita for a birthday date, you can consult by WhatsApp (+598 094733775) and coordinate the date in advance.
  • How do I receive my order in Uruguay?
    If you are located in the interior of the country, we will send you through the DAC agency or the one of your preference. If you are in Montevideo we can coordinate shipping or pickup in advance.
  • Do they make international shipments?
    Yes, we do, but only on personalized dolls. You can request us by writing directly here and consult international shipping rates.
  • What are the payment methods?
    You can pay by Bank Transfer (Santander), Prex Money Transfer and Mercadopago. In each product you will find the link to MercadoPago or you can request it in our form and we will contact you.
  • Should I sign a personalized doll?
    Yes, when the order is personalized you can pay 50% before starting and the other 50% when picking up the doll, or you can pay the total at the time of placing the order. We do not ship if payment is not made in full.
  • What can I customize about the Pandorite?
    You can choose clothing, footwear and accessories such as glasses, wallets, etc. You can choose the skin color (check shades at the time of order) and hair color, you can also ask for it to be straight or wavy. You request all this in our personalized dolls section.
  • Can I put my natural hair in it?
    Yes, we also make personalized dolls with natural hair. In this case, you must bring it yourself. Before cutting it, tell your hairdresser to make a ponytail so you can cut the hair all together, preventing it from spilling, with a minimum length of 10cm. The doll that is made with natural hair goes with a fixed hat. You contact us via WhatsApp and we coordinate the shipping and custom details.
  • What happens if you damage your wrist? Can it be repaired?
    Yes, it has repair. You can contact us so we can give you a quote and we will take care of leaving it in good condition. Delivery and pickup logistics are the responsibility of the client.
  • Can Pandorites' hair receive heat?
    The Pandoritas' hair is synthetic and can receive a little heat up to approximately 160 degrees.
  • How do I wash my doll?
    It is recommended to wash by hand to take care of it and make it last longer, the hair can be washed with shampoo and fabric softener. But if you decide to wash it in the washing machine, I recommend inside a cover or net, not guaranteeing its durability.
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