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Pen Bunny with erasable ink to Personalize your Pandoras

Pen Bunny with erasable ink to Personalize your Pandoras


Dare to explore creativity with the Ibi Craft Bunny Pen, specially designed to bring the emotions of your adorable Pandoras to life!

This charming bunny-shaped pen is the perfect companion for little ones to express their imagination on the faces of their favorite dolls. Filled with erasable ink, it allows you to draw and redraw emotions over and over again, creating unique stories with each stroke.

The most magical thing about this pen is its ability to gently disappear with a little heat, just use a blow dryer and let the creativity flow once again! This way, girls can enjoy a blank canvas to explore and express their Pandoras' emotions endlessly.

With the Bunny Pen, you not only encourage creativity, but also provide an interactive and personalized gaming experience.

Let little artists unleash their imaginations and create magical memories with their Pandora dolls!

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