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The legacy of dolls in my life.

We all know that dolls have existed since ancient times, doing a little research I found that the first dolls date back to the 18th century, but they have always been in my life, I treasure in my one day creating some cloth dolls with my mother, it was the cloth of some old clothes that were my favorite and we were sewing them by hand.

As I grew older, I loved dressing them in outfits similar to the real ones. I suppose that's where my desire to have a doll boutique where each girl or boy can play and imagine endless clothes comes from.

I remember that my great-grandmother made weaving and I saw her with my aunt putting together the skeins and I loved watching them put together the woven hoodies, that simple process in which one extended her hands and the other rolled the wool fascinated me, it is no coincidence that I also have an affinity with the fabric and the garments are accompanied by that noble material.

In my childhood I loved playing with dolls and well hello!! today is my

passion to create them so that you can enjoy them.

And I feel like the Pandoritas come to life in the hands of the little ones, sometimes I can't believe such a cute and magical creation comes out of a simple piece of fabric.

Every day I receive videos and audios of little girls playing with their dolls, how they manage to fall asleep with their company, I love when they tell me "she has very little clothes, she is almost naked", "we are going to need you to do a few more things for us".

Imagine that my heart explodes with joy knowing that you still play with them and that they are part of your daily life.

They say that what you experience in childhood stays in your heart forever.

And what do you think it will be like that? Do you treasure a memory from your childhood?

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